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Jabai Performance, a health & wellness company, focuses on wellness programs for highly STRESSFUL, PHYSICALLY DEMANDING, and SKILL PERFORMANCE based Occupations.

Jabai Performance’s First Responder Wellness Programs


Fire Departments:

Firefighting Training Systems

Police Departments:

[Law Enforcement Program Coming Soon!]


  • Annual “Fit For Duty” Testing
  • Strength and Conditioning Program (Based on Job Description)
  • Supervised S&C Training Sessions
  • Job Task Analysis (In Progress)

Our First Responder Wellness Programs are recognized by a medical company qualifying personnel as “Fit For Duty.” We assist departments in surpassing the “recommended minimums” of governing organizations.

Program Goals
  • Acquire Company/Department Info
  • Observe Employee Environment and Demands
  • Assess Current Staff Baseline & Standards
  • Construct Effective and Efficient Program
  • Evaluate Program for Maintenance
  • Re-Assess Staff
Job Task Evaluation

“Your in-field performance threshold is capped-off at a combination of physical work capacity and skill development.”

By Hussien Jabai

Although we take pride in our education/academic background, performance instructing skills, and program design, we truly dedicate our successful programs toward constant adaptation and effective communication with our clients.

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