Relieving Lower Back Pain, Improving Poor Movement, and Increasing Hip Mobility

Introducing Jabai Performance’s New Corrective Exercise Program:

Mobility and Recovery for Lower Body Extremities Manual!


Our team collaborated on how we could further provide value to our audience. We came to the conclusion that majority of the population has either been injured, is injured, or will become injured as some point in their time. We also came to the conclusion that many individuals need to increase their mobility and/or stability of their hips, shoulders, thoracic spine, lumbar, knee joint, ankles, and other joints. Due to our environment, external and internal stresses, and daily activities, none of these areas are ever perfect at any given moment.

Corrective Exercise Program_ Lower Body Extremities.jpg

Jabai Performance has developed a corrective exercise program for the lower body extremities, in which we are in the early stages of perfecting and continuously developing. The program consists of a manual that guides you through myofascial release techniques, active stretching and mobility work, dynamic warm-ups, movement preps, and much more.


The goals of this program is to correct movement patterns and increase the efficiency of our performance. The program is constructed in a downloadable PDF, which makes it easy for viewing via mobile device or available to create your own printed copy. No matter the location, this program can be completed just about anywhere with limited equipment.

We have also included our affiliation page, providing resources for our clientele in which can help further aid your progress.

If you have not yet received a copy of the manual, feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you may have about the content!


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