Why It Is Difficult For Women Ages 50 and Older To Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

Whether you have maintained a fit and healthy lifestyle your entire life or made the decision to get into action and lose weight, around the ages of 40-50 individuals tend to realize that you aren’t the “Spring Chickens” you use to be. Things jiggle, joints ache, energy is low. You know you need to kick it into full swing but can’t seem to lose that unwanted, stubborn body fat. Why? Why will the weight not just melt off like it use to?

Hussien Jabai of Jabai Performance takes the time to discuss possible reasons for the difficulty of losing weight and gaining muscle for women. Please listen to the podcast, and share your experiences in the comment section! Also, take the time to share this episode via social media to share the content with those searching for the same reasons you found this page.


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