Posterior chain / glute Development: Cable Pull Throughs and Landmine Sumo Stiff Legs

Cable (Glute) Pull Throughs

Landmine Sumo Stiff Leg

Two hinge movements combined into a superset for hamstring and glute development without an excessive amount of spinal overload.

Two different:
👉🏼leverages (cable is on a pulley while barbell is on a pivot)

👉🏼direction/line of force produced by external source (the cable pulls backwards versus the barbell weighing down at an angle)

👉🏼area effected by the load (the cable is lighter, and although some energy is used to keep shoulders back, the main muscle group to finish the movement involves the posterior chain versus the barbell that requires more energy from the shoulders and upper back, along with the core to maintain form while the posterior chain produces the movement)

Both exercises are amazing tools to be utilized for posterior chain development whenever the participant feels the needs to include them.

Always have a purpose for your exercise selection

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