Transverse Rotational Exercises: Landmine Press and Row

🔥Landmine Superset🔥

Exercise #1 Landmine Press

🏆Combining pressing movements and rowing movements into a superset helps continue the intensity while working two different muscle groups back to back.

🏆With the press, you can maintain a “squared up” position to create isometric tension in the transverse plane by preventing rotation.
Or, you can rotate/twist similar to a throw or jab that utilizes transverse rotation to work core strength and power.

Exercise #2 Landmine Row

🏆Post pressing, drop the barbell down into a single arm row. On this exercise, prevent rotation. Maintain a hinge for a base / structure.

🙌Combine these two for a quick upper body blast, engaging the core, burning the shoulders, and building your muscular endurance!

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