Booty Builder: Glute Development with Glute Bridges

Glute Bridge / Hip Thrusters

👉Glute bridges are an amazing tool to add to any accessory work, whether it be using a barbell for rep ranges within 6-12 or using smaller items such as the kettlebell or weight plate for higher repetitions. those not looking for a high intensity selection, barbell hurts their hips, or unable to place barbell on hips.

👉I add in Glute bridges when i want to focus on hip hinging without a toll on the spine (which can also be acquired through other exercises like hip hinging with a band, and other forms of equipment)

👉Glute bridges can be introduced to beginners as a means to understand hinting and the role of the posterior chain. Can be used by advanced lifters as an compound exercise focusing on the flutes/hams.

👉I would take a should width stance approach. A narrow stance doesn’t allow my hips to open and feel a stretch in the glutes.

🔥💎THIS IS NOT ONLY FOR FEMALES. I have male clients utilize this as well. I also use this in my lower body training.

🙌💪Reach out with any questions via direct message or comment.

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