Booty Builder: Glute Development with Glute Bridges

Glute Bridge / Hip Thrusters

👉Glute bridges are an amazing tool to add to any accessory work, whether it be using a barbell for rep ranges within 6-12 or using smaller items such as the kettlebell or weight plate for higher repetitions. those not looking for a high intensity selection, barbell hurts their hips, or unable to place barbell on hips.

👉I add in Glute bridges when i want to focus on hip hinging without a toll on the spine (which can also be acquired through other exercises like hip hinging with a band, and other forms of equipment)

👉Glute bridges can be introduced to beginners as a means to understand hinting and the role of the posterior chain. Can be used by advanced lifters as an compound exercise focusing on the flutes/hams.

👉I would take a should width stance approach. A narrow stance doesn’t allow my hips to open and feel a stretch in the glutes.

🔥💎THIS IS NOT ONLY FOR FEMALES. I have male clients utilize this as well. I also use this in my lower body training.

🙌💪Reach out with any questions via direct message or comment.

Unilateral Leg Training: Walking Lunges versus Offset Kettlebell Loaded Lunges

Walking Lunges (Demonstrated Below)

Walking lunges are an amazing tool for hitting unilateral leg work in more of a motion versus stationary selection.

Walking lunges allow you to not only work on the muscles of the legs, but allows you so work on your stamina, muscular endurance, and a bit of conditioning.
Add this exercise into a circuit or superset for increased cardiovascular benefits.

You could also keep this exercise isolated as a stand alone section, focusing on movement patterns, offset load, or increasing repetitions.

Offset Loaded Kettlebell Lunges (Demonstrated Below)

Offset walking lunges are a progression from the standard split squat, to stationary lunge, to walking lunges and loaded lunges.

The offset lunge can be completed with one KB in one hand, or use one weight in the off hand hanging down as the heavier weight then use a lighter weight in the racked position.

Use this exercise as a stand alone or include into a multi-set grouping for endurance benefits.

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Transverse Rotational Exercises: Landmine Press and Row

🔥Landmine Superset🔥

Exercise #1 Landmine Press

🏆Combining pressing movements and rowing movements into a superset helps continue the intensity while working two different muscle groups back to back.

🏆With the press, you can maintain a “squared up” position to create isometric tension in the transverse plane by preventing rotation.
Or, you can rotate/twist similar to a throw or jab that utilizes transverse rotation to work core strength and power.

Exercise #2 Landmine Row

🏆Post pressing, drop the barbell down into a single arm row. On this exercise, prevent rotation. Maintain a hinge for a base / structure.

🙌Combine these two for a quick upper body blast, engaging the core, burning the shoulders, and building your muscular endurance!

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Posterior chain / glute Development: Cable Pull Throughs and Landmine Sumo Stiff Legs

Cable (Glute) Pull Throughs

Landmine Sumo Stiff Leg

Two hinge movements combined into a superset for hamstring and glute development without an excessive amount of spinal overload.

Two different:
👉🏼leverages (cable is on a pulley while barbell is on a pivot)

👉🏼direction/line of force produced by external source (the cable pulls backwards versus the barbell weighing down at an angle)

👉🏼area effected by the load (the cable is lighter, and although some energy is used to keep shoulders back, the main muscle group to finish the movement involves the posterior chain versus the barbell that requires more energy from the shoulders and upper back, along with the core to maintain form while the posterior chain produces the movement)

Both exercises are amazing tools to be utilized for posterior chain development whenever the participant feels the needs to include them.

Always have a purpose for your exercise selection

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