Firefighter Training Systems

Strength & Conditioning Program

The Beginning of FFTS: Jabai Performance’s Firefighter Training Systems Project was launched by Hussien Jabai in November of 2018. The project found life through a pilot program with the Melissa Fire Department located in Melissa, Tx with a 12 Week Strength & Conditioning Program. The pilot program showed increased mobility and physical work capacity/performance for all staff. This brief 12 week study has now turned into an established Strength & Conditioning program for that city.

Project Mission Statement: Jabai Performance’s Fire Fighting Training Systems is founded on the principles of providing firefighters with a higher quality of life, in the field and with day-to-day tasks, through increasing performance output, preventing injury, improving emergency response readiness, and establishing updated health standards. We strive to hold our first responders to a higher level of physical fitness, conditioning, work ethic, and functional efficiency.

Firefighter Training Systems Intro Video

Live Fire Training Research Video

What We Currently Offer:

Additional services are open for discussion, collaboration, and development.

  • Strength & Conditioning, Corrective Exercise, Physical Fitness/Performance
  • Assessment, Screening, & Biomechanics Evaluation Sessions “Annual Physical Fitness”
  • Collaborative Medical Resources, Services, & Screenings
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation/Evaluation
  • Job Task Analysis Collaboration & Testing

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