Personal Training Essentials Series: 6 Steps For A Successful Consultation

During the previous episode of the Personal Training Essentials Series (Client Intro Packet), Hussien Jabai discussed what personal trainers should include in their client intro packets presented during consultations. In Episode 2: 6 Steps For A Successful Consultation, Mr. Jabai discusses how coaches and trainers can construct efficient and effective consultations that not only increaseContinue reading “Personal Training Essentials Series: 6 Steps For A Successful Consultation”

Personal Training Essentials Series: Client Intro Packet

As personal trainers, it is up to you as a fitness professional to present your potential client with a proper introductory process. This means an efficient and COMPLETE client intro packet. Intro packets should be presented to potential clients during initial consultations. Below, Jabai Performance discusses how to align the right packet for your clientsContinue reading “Personal Training Essentials Series: Client Intro Packet”