Kathleen Knesek Testimonial

Kathleen Knesek

“Jabai Performance completely changed my outlook on fitness and health. I have been educated on nutrition and exercise to the point where I can function independently at home or at the gym. Each program is created based on my specific needs and progression. I have always felt safe with their leadership because while growth and results are important, safety and health is priority. The results speak for themselves. I have lost over 10% BF and approximately 60 pounds in less than a year. I have grown in strength as well. The mindset is balance and longevity in everything. It was never a quick fix program or special diet it was about creating a manageable healthy lifestyle. Never once did I feel intimidated or like I couldn’t perform the task at hand. Everything can be modified. I have came in contact with a multitude of trainers and coaches and the standard that Jabai Performance offers is unmatched.”  -Kathleen K.