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Personal Training Essentials: Liability, Insurance, Waivers, and Paperwork

Hussien Jabai discusses how fitness professionals and gym owners can utilize tools and resources to assist in liability coverage, ranging from insurances to client paperwork.

Personal Training Essentials: How to Price 1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions

Hussien Jabai discusses the many factors that a trainer should consider when deciding on the price of their 1-on-1 personal training sessions.

Training on Unstable Surfaces versus Shifting Points of Contact and Center of Gravity

Hussien Jabai, NSCA CPT & CSCS, discusses why individuals should focus on shifting their Points of Contact and Center of Gravity instead of utilizing unstable surfaces during exercise performance for optimal training stimulus.

The 3 Functions of the Core

Hussien Jabai explains the three performance based functions of the “Core” when it comes to the abdominal muscles.

Training Phases with Clients

Hussien Jabai discusses the standard protocol when it comes to training phase order, transition, and regiment in this brief informative video.

The 6 Steps For A Successful Consultation

Hussien Jabai takes the time to explain how 6 Steps can lead fitness professionals to a successful consultation.

Client Intro Packet

Here, Hussien Jabai of Jabai Performance discusses the key forms that personal trainers need to complete and/discuss with there clients during the screening process. This video does not cover sales, payment agreements, or transaction.